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About Us


"We can't return, we can only look behind from where we came" - Joni Mitchell


We all have one somewhere. The back of a closet, the basement, the attic. A box. Maybe from Grandma or Great Aunt Mildred, the "spinster" who chronicled the famly events...


Photos...Black and white, dusty and old, ripped and faded. But cherished, nonetheless.


They bring the old time stories to life, make us realize that we are "from somewhere." Great-grandma's ornate candelabra sitting on an antique table in a house we've never been in; a fig tree in the back yard brought from "the old country" protected in burlap for the winter months. We recognize an uncle's chin; a distant cousin's eyes, so smiliar to our own; a profile, a gap-tooth grin, "So that's where it came from!"


These are the pieces of our life puzzle, a link to our heritage, proof of our ancestors' immortality alive and thriving within us.


Are there more important things in life? Certainly. And in this day and age where time goes by at the speed of light, we, and our children and extended family, have so little of it to spare.


But for one brief second, stop and think. Someday, somewhere, in someone's home who we've yet to meet, there may be a box in the attic or, perhaps an old dusty disk in a scratched plastic holder marked with the date of your wedding, your child's birth, a holiday celebration, a family reunion...


We offer you this moment to create something special for the generations to come. Call and carve out a space of time to photograph your family, yourself, your pet, your home or any special event you wish to save for posterity.


The years pass and each particular moment is no more...and will never come back...


Make an appointment today, and we, at Barbara Thornberry Photography promise you that capturing your memory will be as valuable to us as it will be to you.


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